About Us

Women’s Care Center of Memphis, MPLLC is a medical LLC. It was created by combining the resources of each of the following women’s primary care groups. Its purpose is to enhance the same standards and quality healthcare that each of these ob/gyn groups has maintained for over 50 years. Please click on the link to visit each website for more information about our physicians and services.

Adams Patterson Gynecology & Obstetrics
T. Franklin King, M. D.
Mary Leigh Keegan, M. D.
Regina G. Healy, M. D.
Leah C. Tonkin, M. D.
B. Todd Chappell, M. D.
Sharon A. Butcher, M. D
Judith J. Williams, M. D.
Jessica M. Ruffin, M. D.
Leslie T. Hayden, M. D.
Gregory J. Burana, M. D.
Darby D. Heitman, APN
Mid-South Ob-Gyn
Thomas D. Greenwell, M. D.
Judi L. Carney, M. D.
Paul D. Neblett, M. D.
Candace D. Hinote, M. D.
Mary Katherine Johnson, M. D.
Dominique M. Butawan-Ali, M. D.
Cheston Reed, M. D.
Robin M Taylor, M. D.
Faith Price, M. D.
Ruch Clinic
Thomas H. Crenshaw, M. D.
G. Huff Peeler, M. D.
Laura J. Bishop, M. D.
Kristal Taylor, M. D.
Abigail (Abby) Talbot, M. D.